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January 21, 2016

As you know my experience with the purchase of my Saratoga from you had a few squawks that took some patience to sort out. Owning a business myself I certainly understand how difficult it can be to please some customers (like me) but you remained true to your word and stood behind your product. Squawks are to be expected with airplanes but what made the difference was your integrity and that is becoming a very rare commodity these days.Despite the few squawks it was refreshing to do business with you. You are a man of your word and I would not hesitate to purchase another plane from you in the future. In the end it's a nice plane and a value that's hard to beat.
Thanks for everything and a great Saratoga!

Sincerely, Russ Babka

October 8, 2015

Dear Matt,
I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. First back last December you sold me a really neat plane and then restored it to mint condition. During this time period I became I'll and had surgery for lung cancer. I took delivery of the plane and flew it back to Florida July 25. August 24th I was notified by the FAA that my medical had been revoked. Here is the good part. You bailed me out by picking my plane up and returning it to Ohio for sale by your firm on September 2nd. The plane has a new owner and we are all happy. Success breeds success and you are one of the best.

ASI Customer

October 6, 2015

It was a pleasure working with you on our Saratoga. You truly went the extra mile to make sure that we ended up with a flying masterpiece. From late-night phone calls to almost-daily e-mails, you never made us feel like we were a bother. You provided helpful guidance on equipment selections but also let us make our own customization choices. We now have almost 50 hours on the airplane and we have loved every minute of it. We feel like we have a safe and reliable aircraft that we are willing to fly just about anywhere. We get many compliments on the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail. Like many aircraft shoppers, we simply weren't happy with what we found on the "regular" used market. With your help, we were able to get a custom like-new aircraft at a fraction of the cost of factory-new. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking at a refurbishing project. I would be more than happy to speak to anyone about our experiences if they have any questions.

Andrew Gaut

August 18, 2015

Matt did an amazing refurb job on my Turbo Saratoga SP - the custom paint, interior and the LoPresti Intercooler cowl are awesome. But the custom fabricated panel with over the top avionics and autopilot make it a true pilot's plane. Thanks, Brian Direct 305-393-3646.

Brian Slaga

May 4, 2015

I wanted to say thank you for another great experience with my airplane purchase. This is my 2nd purchase from you and I'd have a really hard time buying a plane from anyone else in the future. Your team does such an amazing job with the refurbishment process of these planes. You definitely have this figured out. Thanks again - I LOVE my new plane!!

Shane Leininger

March 20, 2015

I just recently purchased my second airplane from Matt Kozub with Aircraft Sales. I didn't even hesitate giving Matt a call when I got ready to upgrade from an Archer to a Saratoga. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with him and his team on both airplanes. I would highly recommend Aircraft Sales to any prospective buyer, especially anyone that might be a little green to the aircraft industry such as I was. Matt goes well beyond the sale to make sure you are satisfied on every little detail. A real class act!

Bobby McClure

December 19, 2014

I want to tell you about my experience with Matt Kozub and Aircraft Sales. I bought my first 1975 182P refurbished from him in 2007. Owned it for 7 years and put 640 hours on it. Never had any needed repairs and the annual was never over $1200. When my partner and I sold it got all of our money back except $7500. Went 5 months without an airplane and called Matt again. Refurbished 1975 182P. Had to wait about six weeks for him to finish it. I live in central Utah and for the second time picked it up in Ohio and flew home. I really looked around and feel great about the deal. The engine has a two year 500 hour warranty. Avionics are better and flies great. I have put 65 hours on this one with no problems. I really trust Matt and have had really good service.

Rob Henrie

November 28,2014

I knew that when I was given the task of trying to find a low time, clean, air conditioned Cherokee Six that I would have difficulty. One I came across Matt and Aircraft Sales Inc., my search was over. The refurbishment process of a great low time airframe was seamless. In doing my due diligence, I visited the shop and was extremely impressed at the scale, organization, and efficiency of their operation. I knew that we were in good hands. Upon delivery, we received that confirmation. We now own, arguably, one of the nicest used Cherokee Six's on the market.

Ryan A. Gucwa | President
Odyssey Airways, LLC

November 22,2014

Hi Matt -
Since I picked up my newly-refurbished '83 PA-32R-301T in May, I've flown her 160 hours from coast to coast, north to south and 1,200 miles out into the Caribbean. The refurbishment process that you and your staff accomplished - especially the engine and interior - is simply outstanding, and while I've had a few issues which are to be expected with a nearly 30 year old airplane, I haven't yet missed a scheduled flight, and the scope of work that you did to produce an outstanding Saratoga is apparent to everyone who works on her. It's rare to have a deal like this done on a relatively informal basis, and I greatly appreciate the honesty and transparency with which you run your business. When and if I'm ready for an upgrade, be assured that you'll be seeing me again.

Clay McCardell, N4304L

November 21, 2014

Just wanted to send you a note and let you know I'm really enjoying the Dakota, its a great plane!! As you know, I struggled with the premium price you were asking, but now having a little experience with the cost of fixing/adding things to an aircraft....boy am I glad I didn't buy one of the 'cheaper' planes I was looking at! Your pay now or pay later comment to me sure rings true.
Also, it was really nice I could still count on you returning phone calls and help after the sale was complete...thank you for that!
Anyway, if you ever get to Phoenix give me a call....drinks on me!

Chris M.

August 31, 2014

Thought you might like to know we've completed our trip, arrived South Florida Friday noon, No Squawks! The airplane preformed perfectly and Claus is in Love.
FYI the unusual tool that we found on board turns out to be a alternate power source connection used when proper external power connections are not available. This device allows you to plug in to the external power source receptacle on the aircraft and use jumper cables! Could be handy in the Islands. Also did some research and the intermittent alternator inop light is normal. The overvoltage relay trips whenever voltage exceeds 16.5 volts to protect sensitive electronics. The corrective action is just what you said, turn off the Alt. switch and back on again. This usually occurs when starting and RPMs rise rapidly causing a surge in voltage exceeding 16.5 before the regulator can step in and do it's job. Switch it off and back on and your good to go! So what you said and did is correct and now we both know why!

Thanks for a Great Plane, hope to work with you again.

August 20, 2014

Hi Matt,
I was really impressed with your operation finding and polishing up a gem of a Bonanza A36. You are very knowledgeable and were accessible throughout the process to ensure I had all the information I needed. The plane is fantastic! I would say that I will plan on using ASI again for my next plane, but I don't need a next plane. I have the beauty that will suit my needs for a lifetime. It is precisely what I wanted.

Thank you again and keep up the great work!
Derek Adams

March 10, 2014

Dear Matt Kozub,
After flying a newer model Mooney for three years, I was in the market for a newer plane with more room. An endless search left me exhausted and frustrated as I couldn't find something with the equipment I wanted. Luckily I found Matt and his operation who located the perfec plane. The process from start to finish was smooth and stress free. I'm really enjoying the Piper Saratoga with over 60 hours of flight time and am very pleased with how everything came together. There's no doubt with the Garmin G500 and Garmin 750/650 combo I'm flying the nicest Saratoga out there. I feel like I started my search in bad weather only to come through the clouds to find your operation in blue sky clear weather. Now it's smooth sailing. Your efforts are and will be greatly appreciated for some time or at least until the next go around.

Thanks for bringing it all together,
Hans Hohlrieder

December 17, 2013

I purchased a Cherokee Six in March of 2012 from Pristine. I could not have asked for a better first time buyers experience than I received from Matt Kozub. Matt was excellent to work with and a man of integrity and man of his word. He was extremely patient with the many phone calls he received from me on a daily basis with a plethora of questions. That great customer service continued during purchase of my Cherokee and even most recently today, almost two years later. I was most impressed with their attention to detail. They truly make a used aircraft look Brand New again. You will get nothing but honesty from Pristine. I will definitely be buying my next upgrade from them.

John Boobas

December 15, 2013

Hi Matt,
I purchased my first airplane from Aircraft Sales in September 2013 after doing three pre-buy inspections on other airplanes. Matt and his team have been truly great to deal with, the plane is everything I was expecting, and Matt has been more than accommodating with the many questions I have had as a new plane owner. I definitely made the right choice - thanks again Matt.

Jim Bohn

December 11, 2013

In the last three years I have bought two planes from Aircraft Sales because of their quality and attention to details. They deliver exactly what they promise. Both planes have been a pleasure to fly. I am sure I will be back for an upgrade soon.


December 10, 2013

I want to write to you and express my sincere gratitude for the fantastic aircraft you have created for me. You were able to take a vanilla A36 and convert it into the aircraft of my dreams. From the new engine to the all glass panel, interior, and paint with our anniversary and initials, this plane makes my wife and I very happy. Make matters better, you have continued your support of your product after delivery. I have already pointed others in your direction, and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work!

Herbert N. Schiffer, DO

December 5, 2013

I chose to buy my Six from Aircraft Sales because their refurbishment program gave me exactly what I wanted. The first benefit was tapping into their knowledge of what planes are capable of and what mods were available to meet my mission. Working with Matt, I was able to ensure that all AD's were complied with and every inch of the plane was gone over with a fine tooth comb. I got the avionics upgrades I was looking for so with the new paint, interior and newly overhauled engine, I essentially had an almost new plane for a fraction of the cost. Then I had the comfort to know that Matt and his team would stand behind their work to ensure that I got the plane that I wanted. Sure I paid a premium to have the work done all at once but it was well worth it. If I had to replicate what was done on my own, assuming I would know everything there is to know about how to go about it, the process would have taken 5 times longer and I would have had to coordinate the ferrying of the plane to all the vendors not to mention the costs. I am very satisfied with my decision and plan to buy my next plane from Matt for the same reasons.

John Selldorff

November 7, 2013

Just a quick not to let you know how much I love my new(old) Seneca. You were right it is a lot more plane then the Cherokee I got from you. ( I did love my Cherokee). What I appreciate the most about working with your company is the detail and follow thru. The fact you take care of all the little issues even after the sale makes it an enjoyable experience, one I recommend highly, and one that will bring me back again. I do think it will be a little more than the one year it was between the Cherokee and my Seneca.

Keep up the great job and know I will be back.
Michael Gauthier

July 14, 2013

Wanted to let you know how happy my family and I are with our new airplane. The Cherokee 6-300 has performed better than I expected. I would like to add that it's a pleasure doing business with someone as professional as you have been. You followed through on delivering us a beautiful plane inside and out! I would definitely recommend you and Aircraft Sales Inc. to anyone looking for a quality airplane. You do fabulous work!!

You do fabulous work!!! Thanks Matt!

May 1, 2013

Hi Matt,
I purchased a 1979 Piper Dakota from Matt in March 2013. The communication was very good during the planning process and the few discrepancies that became apparent when I received it we're handled by Matt very professionally. Matt and his company seem very focused on customer satisfaction and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. The pilot he sent out gave me a good checkout in it and was very friendly. When I decided to buy from Matt there were already two planes that he had refurbished at my home field so I knew what kind of work he does. I was not disappointed. The plane turned out to be very nice and I look forward to putting many hours on it.

Thanks Matt from a satisfied customer!
Brad Petersen

March 8, 2013

Hi Matt,
N337xy is behaving well. The little things are all part of the shakedown period. Well done. She is an awesome plane. Even the control tower wants to know about her. So let everyone know that even though she was a challenge to put together, the best things come with lots of work. I would put her up against any plane old or new and she could hold her own.
In the summer I'll get some nice pictures for you to put on your website. Soon I'll pass my check ride and she will fly rescues again for pilot's-n-Paws.

Thank you for making her what she is,

January 24, 2013

I purchased a 1976 Lance from Matt in August this year and after flying a good bit this fall am very pleased with how everything turned out. I used to manage business jets and comparing Matt's crew to the big jet refurbish shops in the country, he's right on par (and excels in some areas) compared to them. Communication throughout the process is great, the level of work is outstanding, and most important is the attention to details. For me one of those was his attention to the ADs and searching out a clean airframe to start with. We bought the Lance because we shouldn't have to upgrade ever, but I'm sure we will anyways and I'll be calling Matt when that comes about.

Thanks again for getting us in the "perfect" plane.

January 9, 2013

Hello Jim,
It was a pleasure doing business with you guys, you done everything you said you would do, your pilot was very polite and thorough, it was a very easy transaction.

Thanks, Dale

December 10, 2012

We have worked with Matt from Aircraft Sales, Inc., in the purchase of two airplanes. I have worked with Matt through the entire plan-a-plane process from his search for and acquisition of our Piper Seneca III through the complete refurbishing, with regular input and updates through the process. I felt I had open and honest communications with Matt to transform the Seneca III into the perfect aircraft for my family and continue to use ASI for the maintenance and upkeep of our plane.

A.J. Barrett

November 7, 2012

Hi Matt, Hank Moseley here, one of Bo Woodwards partners in 834CC. We logged over 300 hrs in our 1st year of ownership and she never let us down once. Well, maybe once. Maintenance has been as expected with only the occasional hiccup (after all it is an airplane). We have been flying it day, night, good weather and bad from Ohio to the Bahamas and points between. She has great ramp appeal and always draws attention. Just thought you might like some one year follow-up from a very satisfied customer.

Turbo Saratoga

October 30, 2012

Wanted to drop you an overdue note thanking you for the great work on our Seneca III. From locating the perfect airframe, to working hand in hand with me on the avionics design, to delivering exactly what we wanted, our ASI experience was excellent!
Our "new" 1981 Seneca is the envy of the field. She flys like a dream and looks even better. Your interior is better and more comfortable than new, the paint job is better than factory, and the avionics package we installed competes with a Seneca V straight out of Florida. All at easily 1/3 the price.
As you know one of my partners bought his previous plane from you and raved about your service. Being a bit cynical, I was sure we'd have an "issue" or two somewhere along the way but, I was wrong. The customer service and support we have received from you and your team from our first phone discussion late one evening to the (minor) warrantee support items after pickup has been unbelievable! You're truly from a bygone era!
Keep up the good work and as I've said numerous times, if any of your customers or prospects ask for a reference, pleas feel free to send them my way.

Chris Zant

August 28, 2012

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with my new (1973) Cherokee 6. Your team did an unbelievable job bringing her back to life. People that see her think she is a new plane. I also want you to know how pleased I am with the service. All the little issues were handled to perfection and in a timely manner. So often after you pay for something the warranty work is a struggle. This was not the issue with Aircraft Sales. I would highly recommend you and your team and have already done so. Next spring we will work on the next one.

Mike Gauthier

August 23, 2012

As a new pilot, I was concerned about buying a used aircraft that would be reliable and safe. I found Pristine on the internet, talked to Matt then started talking to his customers. I even flew another Dakota restored by Matt and went to Ohio for a visit. Everyone had high praises.
Matt Kozub, and his staff where immediately impressive. He let the product speak for itself. N2149E is nearly flawless. Any small squawks are fixed without question. These are the guys to see if you want a low time aircraft, made new, and backed up by a quality organization.

Gary Vacon

August 20, 2012

Dear Matt,
I just wanted to take a moment to once again express how thrilled I am with the Piper Saratoga you recently rehabbed for us. Your attention to detail was evident five years ago when we bought the newly rehabbed Piper Cherokee Six from you. So when I found this unique Piper Saratoga and decided to upgrade, you were the clear choice to bring the aircraft into the 21st century. Your experience and sage advice was and continues to be a valuable resource long after funds have been exchanged. Thanks again Matt!

Kristofor R. Behn, CFP
President & Founder
Fieldstone Financial Management Group, LLC
(800) 888-5164

June 16, 2012

Dear Matt,
Were screaming up on six months since I purchased the Saratoga and I wanted to touch base and tell you how happy with it. The airplane is great and dealing with you and ASI has been a wonderful experience and has far exceeded my expectations. The quality of the aircraft and the professionalism and support Ive received from you and the rest of the ASI team has been fantastic.

Thank you,
James B. Sarvey,
Managing Member
Dragon Slayer Aviation, LLC

May 28, 2012

Dear Matt,
I have intended for some time now to write you. I want to thank you for the great experience that I had with you and Aircraft Sales, Inc. before, during and after the Turbo Saratoga project. If you recall, I first contacted you in early 2011 to discuss the possibility of acquiring and/or refurbishing another aircraft. After much discussion and probing on your part you convinced me that there was a much more cost effective solution available to me but, the first order of business was to find a buyer for my current aircraft. You immediately rolled up your shirt sleeves and went to work. In short order we had put a deal together. Once we were into the Saratoga project you walked hand in hand with me and detail by detail you kept me informed and involved. In the end I wound up with a product that I am very proud of. The plane is as close to new as you can get without spending hundreds of thousands more. I constantly receive compliments on the plane and many people at first glance actually think that it is 25 years newer than it actually is. Following the purchase of the Saratoga you have helped guide me through the very few minor issues that I have encountered.
As I reflect back on our transaction it just occurred to me that most of the deal was done on a handshake. That is rare in today's world. I couldn't have asked for anyone to be anymore thorough, dependable, and honorable in our relationship than you have been. Not only do I feel that I have developed a trusting business relationship with Matt Kozub and Aircraft Sales, Inc. but I have gained a friend in the process as well. Thanks for everything.


May 15, 2012

To current and future aircraft owners:
The most important aspect in purchasing an aircraft is finding someone you can trust. Matt Kozub at Aircraft Sales Inc. is that person. I purchased my first aircraft, a Cherokee 6/300 through ASI in 2009, and was so pleased with the experience, I asked Matt to help me find a Cessna 414 in 2011. After we found the right one, he took care of brokering the Cherokee 6 as well. Matt's team at ASI has performed annuals, minor maintenance, and helped me navigate through a major avionics upgrade. In each case, I knew I could count on ASI to be honest, up front, and deliver. It has been a pleasure doing business with a company that puts the customer, and integrity first. When it's time to move on from the Cessna, I will be back

Tom Engle

April 21, 2012

I was a first time buyer. Matt at ASI was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. All my questions were answered promptly. The entire experience from first contact to plane delivery was exceptional, no hassles, excellent service at all times. I would strongly recommend ASI and if I need another plane would call them first!


April 14, 2012

I finally carved out some time to write you a testimonial about my experience buying an airplane. In short, I made a great decision when I decided to have you procure and refurbish an airplane for me. The experience I had was everything promised on your web site before I signed a contract with you.
The quality experience began with your guidance on which aircraft I should purchase. I don't know if you recall that I came to you with three candidate airplanes I thought would be a match for my experience level and flying goals. As a newly minted pilot, I was aware of my lack of relevant experience regarding airplane purchases and was very concerned about making poor choices. You advised against two of my three candidate aircraft. You educated me about difficulties in procuring parts for one aircraft and, most importantly, you told me my wife would hate the other aircraft. In the end you endorsed my selection of a Cessna 182 and advised me that I would be very happy with the airplane.
You found a suitable aircraft in short order and I bought my first airplane. I totally relied upon your guidance that this airplane was a suitable candidate for being refurbished. I really didn't know if I was doing the right thing. Given the size of the transaction, it did give me pause.
A few months later I accepted delivery of my Cessna 182. Because I had never flown a Cessna 182 before delivery I had my instructor meet me at the airport and fly it as part of my acceptance. Let me quote what he said when flying, "Wow, this is some airplane!"
Now I've had the airplane over 6 months. I couldn't be happier with it. I have been adding hours to my log book and collecting complements on how fabulous my airplane looks, inside and out. The airplane is tight, perfectly rigged and outperforms the numbers in the POH. People are astonished when I park my airplane next to a 182 that is only a couple of years old. I have all of the looks, performance and comfort of the new model at a fraction of the cost.
I believe that my airplane may be the only one I ever own because of its capabilities and match for my mission. However, I know that if I ever buy another airplane I'll be coming back to you. I highly value the experience you provided me, the integrity of the whole process and your delivery of the highest quality product. You can call me one very satisfied customer.
I still hope to drop in on you when I next fly my plane to Cleveland.
Best regards,

January 10, 2012

It's been a couple of months since we picked up our Turbo Saratoga from your shop in Ohio and I wanted to thank you again. Most pilots would hesitate to buy a plane in Ohio while living in Texas, only to see the plane the first time when it was time for a long cross country flight home. Earlier in the year my airplane partner and I spotted another Turbo Saratoga in your advertising. While that one caught our eye as well, by the time I contacted you about it you had sold the plane. Coincidentally, the buyer was from the Austin area and someone we knew. The condition of his plane and his recommendation encouraged us to stay in touch with you until another Saratoga became available.
I am writing today to offer a similar type referral for your future clients. Dealing with you and your dad was a top notch experience. The communication before our arrival was excellent and made the paperwork part of the transaction seamless. We arrived the day before, where you flew another Saratoga to the Akron airport to pick us up. That was fun. When the hanger door opened and we saw our plane for the first time it was better than expected. You arranging for a CFI to meet us that afternoon for my 2 hour insurance check ride was customer service in high gear. Our trip home was fun and fast ( just under 7 hours from Akron to Austin ). The plane ran great and absolutely everything worked. The fresh annual was a nice touch as well.
Back at our home field the other pilots say that we found a 1980 Turbo Saratoga that has had an "Extreme Make Over, Plane Edition". That sums it up. The plane looks new, smells new and flies great. As a high end custom home builder I am in the service business with people who expect the best and count on integrity. Your team could confidently deal with our customers. Feel free to use us as a referral for anyone considering a long distance purchase like we did. It was fun and thanks again for all you did to make the transaction and the trip easy.

Steve Zbranek

October 20, 2011

Our "new" Saratoga has been to a number of airfields around the Southeast since we received it from Matt Kozub late summer/early fall , 2011. We have received numerous complimentary comments . In Auburn Alabama , we were asked if we had bought one of the last Saratogas made . We said , no , this was a 1983 airframe that was completely "redone" by Matt Kozub and his company. A project of this scope is not going to be without "squawks" during and after completion . Matt has demonstrated that he puts his customers first in insuring that they receive a quality product , whatever it takes . He is a true craftsman and takes pride in his work . His "method" may be the only way to receive a quality and affordable product in today's market .

Bo Woodward
Valdosta Flying Group

August 7, 2011

Many others have complimented you and your company ... in fact, it was those many letters that resulted in my ultimately buying an buying an airplane from you. Context matters, so let me provide some. I have always been a gearhead, so even though this was my first aircraft purchase, I felt reasonably qualified to make my own decisions regarding which airplane I should buy. I should also mention that I am a 64 year old, experienced, pretty conservative, cautious person. Combine that with the fact that this was to be a large cash transaction ... all the alarms should have been ringing. However, armed with what l was able to learn from others, my own instincts regarding the integrity of you and your company after a few phone calls, I decided to buy an airplane ... sight unseen ... from a guy I found on the internet who I had never personally met and had only talked to on the phone, go figure.

As it turned out, my instincts were right and my trust in you was not misplaced. You did exactly what you said you would do, represented the airplane exactly as it was, and disclosed every fact, even when not legally required. You always answered the phone and answered my dozens of questions, emails and texts. Matt, you are an honorable guy and one I would not hesitate to send my friends and family to.

Now to the airplane. It's a beauty ... looks new and is frequently presumed to be new by others. The paint is near flawless, the interior first class and the workmanship superb. Can you tell I’m a fully satisfied buyer? I have flown my beautiful 1979 Piper Dakota all over Texas and on several trips to visit family and friends (South Carolina, Mississippi twice and Florida) and those are only in the first four months of ownership. This does not count the trip home to Texas from Ohio when I first picked up N543RR. I have done hot rod cars, motorcycles (on and off road)and really fast boats (still have one of those) and I must tell you that owning my own airplane is the only one of those motorsports that has exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be pretty cool to own a plane, but it's MUCH better than I thought it would be and I'm sure that some of that joy is provided by the quality of the airplane I bought from you. It has been a lot fun explaining to other pilots how I came to own such a "cherry" 1979 Dakota. I have referred many to your website and will continue to do so in the future. If I ever decide to "move up" ... faster is always better ... rest assured it will be with an airplane I buy from you.

I would tell anyone who is considering buying an airplane, that they can buy from you with complete confidence and safety ... lawyers not required ... handshakes work just fine. We like it that way in Texas!

Thanks for a wonderful experience,

Ron Craft
1979 Piper Dakota

July 23, 2011

To whom it may concern:
My partners and I acquired a Piper Lance through Aircraft Sales, Inc. in 2010. Matt was very helpful in guiding us through our decisions regarding the refurbishment and at the same time he was accepting of our choices.
I believe our expectations for the finished product were fairly high and he met them. Now several months later we remain just as satisfied with the plane as when we first took delivery. I certainly would recommend Matt and his company and would be pleased to do business with him again.

Jeff Geese

May 16, 2011

What a GREAT Aircraft buying experience! Matt makes buying and selling an Aircraft a breeze. I purchased my 79' Piper Dakota from Matt and can tell you I have never had the pleasure of doing business with a person of such integrity and honesty. Matt will do exactly what he says he will, and then some, when it comes to service before and after the sale. Then as if all that was not enough, when It became necessary to sell the plane Matt came thru again and bought the plane back from me at a fair price with no questions asked. Matt knows his business! Highly recommended !

Kent Keller

April 5, 2011

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the purchase of my first airplane.  You truly created a masterpiece with the Saratoga N8427C.  The attention to details when you delivered the craft were incredible.  I am seriously enjoying the plane and have put approximately 100 hours on it in just the past few months.  This is the best flying plane true to the test.  There have been no issues at all it just likes gas and oil.

The interior, exterior, mechanics, avionics and functionality of N8427C are all better than I ever expected.

Thank you for all of your help.  You and your team really did a great job putting this one together.  Oh and please give Dave our best.

Clay Johnson

March 18, 2011

I'm writing to once again express my complete satisfaction with the aircraft we recently purchased from you. The airplane you delivered is nothing short of fantastic. Every detail was exactly as specified. The custom panel is amazing and has drawn several comments from other pilots on the field.

It is very rare in today's world to find a person or product that lives up to their advertising and I am happy to say that you, your staff, and the finished product did just that. From our first meeting to the day of delivery, you met or exceeded the claims made in your advertising, as well as my personal expectations. Having owned aircraft in the past I can say that this was easily my most enjoyable airplane buying experience. Your one stop shopping approach, coupled with your outstanding customer service and flawless attention to detail, make a normally painful process simple. Please feel free to contact me should you ever need a reference.

Thanks Again
Nat Gifford

March 11, 2011

I've known Matt for six years and had never bought a plane from him. He's always been a good friend and someone to play golf with over the years. I've owned several aircraft with my last one being a Cirrus. After complaining to Matt about performance and payload, Matt suggested that I look at his Plan-a-Plane program. The thing people have to under about Matt Kozub is, just because he's your friend or he knows you, doesn't mean he's automatically going to try and sale you a plane. After me laying out my wishes Matt turned around and refined my wish list in order to save me money and ultimately get a better value.

I can honestly say that I now own the best plane I’ve ever owned and I couldn't be happier. My Cherokee Six is hands down the nicest Six in the world. Matt was awesome in ensuring everything was delivered as promised and on-time. Matt and his dad Hank run a first class operation in which I can confidently recommend their product to anyone.


March 9th, 2011

I wanted to take a few minutes and write you a quick note. In regards to my experience with your company, initially I was impressed by your operation when we first met in October of 2009, but being the skeptic that I am; I decided to put off writing a letter of recommendation for your company, until after I put my first year of owning this plane behind me.

I took delivery of my 1985 Saratoga in March of 2010 and I was not disappointed on the quality of the end product that I received. There were a few bumps along the way, with the rough winter up in Ohio and new technology releases that we were waiting on. I appreciate the professional way that you and your company handle the issues that came up and the flexibility that was offered to me.

The plane has been great with very minor issues. I completed my first annual at the end of February this year and have to tell you that not only was I impressed with the condition of the plane and 80 hours of flying this year, but so was my maintenance shop here at LZU. We had very few squawks and ended up with an annual inspection cost that was very impressive.

This is the fourth airplane that I have owned and by far one of the nicest and cleanest I have had the opportunity to fly. It's amazing that you were able to find an 85 Saratoga with only 840 hours TT on it. I have gotten great compliments on it over this past year. Recently on a trip down to Valdosta, GA, I had a gentleman run out and catch me on the ramp and ask if I bought this plane from Pristine Planes up in Ohio. He recognized the paint scheme as one he had seen on a plane you had completed and after brief conversation told me you were in the process of refurbishing a Saratoga for him. He communicated to me that he had bought the plane with you sight unseen and was a little nervous, but after seeing my plane, I feel he was more comfortable with what he would be getting. Obviously you're doing a lot of things right if your product is being recognized on the ramp in South Georgia.

I want to thank you for the great job and look forward to doing more business with you in the future. If you have any one who would like to see your work or just talk, please don't hesitate to send them my way.

Best regards
Will Spurlock
Cell 404-216-2221

September 4, 2010

I contacted Matt Kozub about the possibility of contracting with Aircraft Sales to buy and restore a C-182. I knew that I did not want to undertake such a project piecemeal. From the first phone call I received professional and courteous care. Matt began our search for my 182 as soon as we signed the contract which was one page and written so even I could understand. Very straight forward. I live in Georgia and Matt found a plane at Peachtree Dekalb airport in Atlanta. I drove over and looked the plane over and looked over the logbooks, gave Matt my rough approval.Matt flew down from Ohio, inspected the plane and logbooks, called me and we both agreed that this was the plane. Matt negotiated the cost of the plane, got a good deal, and flew it back to Ohio. The paint shop started their work the next day. After a beautiful paint job was complete the plane moved on to the avionics shop. Now these folks did a complete makeover. From fabricating a new metal panel to installing avionics. Everything worked from the get go and the work was beautifly done. Matt's shop was next where the plane received a new beautifull leather interior, new glass and a through annual. Matt's company pilot flew the plane to my ramp and it was exactly as stated per my conversations with Matt. Throughout the whole process, which took somewhere around four months, Matt and I were in regular contact and all the shops that worked on the plane kept me in the loop with many pictures of the build process. I have a picture record of the whole renovation process. By the time I got the plane I knew everything about it and what it was going to look like from all the pictures I received. I took a leap of faith because I never met Matt or any of the folks that were involved in the rennovation. I read all the testimonials and just felt comfortable every time I talked with Matt. He did everything he said he would do,(which is a testiment to the type of person he is), for the price he quoted me. I found Matt to be a affable, honest person who surrounds himself with skilled craftman. What more could you ask for in a project like mine. I flew the plane up to Ohio to have a sensor replaced and met the folks at the avionics shop, wow!!. They had quite an ongoing business. Again, they performed at no expense to me. I met Matt and inspected his shop. Everything was as I suspected, clean effeient professional work. I would highly recommend Aircraft Sales to anyone who doesn't want to deal with a rebuild or renovation.

Ron Wilson, proud owner of N288RW

July 30, 2010

I don't make big decisions lightly, or quickly for that matter. For over two years I spent a lot of time researching various airplanes, trying to determine the best fit for my needs. And each time I looked at a web site or an ad for a used plane, I quickly concluded the plane needed engine work, avionics work, interior work, a paint job, or all of the above. My goal was to find a reliable, comfortable plane I could fly, and not buy something that needed countless hours of work

Once I learned about Aircraft Sales, I contacted Matt Kozub to learn more about his business - his approach made sense to me and he offered a variety of airplanes. The thing that is different about Matt is that there was no pressure to buy - we had several conversations where I would ask questions, tell him about my flight experience, and explain what I was looking for - in all instances he answered my questions and provided me with useful information as we talked about pros and cons of different planes. I really appreciated the no pressure approach.

Once I decided I was interested in a Cherokee Six, I flew a rental to Wayne County to check it out. I spent the better part of the afternoon climbing through it and kicking the tires while Matt explained the features of the plane. Once I made the decsion to buy it, Matt made the process about as easy as possible. He helped me find an affordable insurance policy, delivered it to me, and even paid for a minor repair the plane needed after I purchased it. He even told me if I didnt like it he would buy it back!

The plane has turned out to be as solid and reliable as Matt's word. It has no issues of any kind, and is a very stable and comfortable ride. I plan on keeping it for several years as it meets all of my needs, but if I ever sell it or buy another plane, it will only be through Aircraft Sales.

Tom Lehner - N913C

July 21, 2010
Jim and Aircraft Sales,

Just wanted to drop you a note about the flight home...
The plane flew wonderfully, my first landing was just as wonderful, LOL...
In all seriousness, even though you would not budge on the price, I feel we both made off very well on the deal. I love the airplane and feel it was definitely priced right. Thanks for making the process go effortlessly and thanks for treating Rich and I like Kings. The family loves the plane and that Garmin 396XM weather is worth its weight in gold. The plane looks awesome sitting in my hangar... I will keep you
in mind when friends are looking for an excellent deal...

Jim - N56886

April 26, 2010
To customers of ASI:

N166X is my second purchase from Matt Kozub. My first purchase was a few years ago based on just his website and testimonials. I know many of you are reluctant to purchase an aircraft especially from dealers. It seems there is always a story or scare tactic when it comes to purchasing an airplane. I spent a fair amount of time myself checking out aircrafts only to be disappointed by the description or condition of the advertising. Do yourself a favor like I did, let Matt take the workload and worry out of your next airplane purchase. You will get a solid, reliable aircraft with a history of satisfied clients. All refurbished to like new and ready to fly.

Matt's pricing is almost hard to believe when checking for equal aircraft value. From the logs to the delivery you will not regret your purchase.

Jim Sullivan

November 29, 2009

The Aro-Club des Montagnes Neuchteloises, in Switzerland and based on the airport Les Eplatures (LSGC) in the Jura mountains, was searching for a replacement Archer for his Archer II of 1978.After a long process in Europe and in the USA, we found the right partner with the right plane for us. That nice guy is Matt.

Dealing with Matt was uneventfull and a pleasure, included the inspection that we wanted to be done by Norm Heldmann and Jim Todd in KPOU. The price was right and the airplane in very good condition, as was predicted. Upon inspection by the Swiss aviation authority's certification branch, the decision was very positive considering that such a nice plane was seldom in the second hand market. We have now flown the plane since 2 monthes and we already love it and are totally satisfied with our purchase. We hearfully recommend Matt to others who try to find the second hand plane fitting tightly to their needs.


November 16,2009

Just wanted to drop a note and tell you and your potential future customers how much I appreciate the ease and professionalism of the entire process of buying a plane from Aircraft Sales Inc. This is my first plane and my experience was limited severely. I found you to be the only person (out of maybe 10 that I attempted to buy from or enquire about a plane) that really showed your knowledge and courtesy towards the whole puchase. It was great to be able for you to have the plane flown from Ohio to Oklahoma so I could have a pre-buy done right here by someone I know and trust. The plane was exactly as you said it was and we only had two minor fixable problems which you made good for right over the phone that day. It was a pleasure doing business with you and when I am ready for another plane I will call you first.

Greg Landes
Piper Cherokee 6-300 N15015 (purchased 9/2009)

September 14, 2009

We were in the market for a Piper Saratoga and had been looking for months. We found one through Aircraft Sales Inc. It was significantly nicer than any other plane we had seen. An acute attention to detail was employed for "every" aspect of this plane. The exterior, interior, avionics, and engine were perfect and were exactly as advertised. It is like flying a brand new plane! We dealt with Matt Kozub who was one of the best sales people I have ever worked with. He was honest and upfront about everything. He responded to all of our questions very rapidly and honestly. He worked with us in all aspects of the sale and made the experience truly pleasurable. When I purchase another plane regardless of what I am looking for, I will absolutely call Matt again.

Mike Black - Pennsylvania (1980 Piper Saratoga Turbo) N8243A

March 31, 2010 After watching other owners have their planes in and out of the shop for repairs or upgrades I decided to spend a little more and get a plane that was ready to fly. However, searching through the usual sites like Controller or Trade a Plane for a 6 I realized that almost every aircraft would need some work done. Then I stumbled upon Aircraft Sales, Inc. and Matt Kozub. After visiting their shop I knew I would be buying my first plane from them. Everything from the customer service, thoroughness of selecting the aircraft for refurbishment, and quality of the work has been outstanding. While purchasing 2957R a few squawks arose but they were quickly taken care of and I was always kept informed as to what was happening. I have only had the plane for a month but it has met my expectations. All I can say is that the plane flies as good as it looks, and that is great. If I ever do replace 2957R I would definitely buy from ASI and Matt again.

Thanks, John Bantle

April 23, 2010
Dear Jim and Aircraft Sales,

Thanks for helping us purchase our A36 Bonanza and guiding us through the buying process. It was great working with a man of integrity and honesty. The aircraft was exactly as you said it would be and it was even more than our expectations. Your help made it easy to buy this plane online and I will recommend you to anyone looking to buy an aircraft.

James Gordon, who delivered the aircraft, also did a wonderful job.

Thanks to all.

Terry and Nancy Johnson

In the Fall of 2008 my wife and I bought a '76 Lance from ASI and we are very pleased with our purchase. Matt made buying an aircraft a very pleasant experience. He was extremely patient, obliging, and friendly. He agreed to meet with us on a Sunday, spent the afternoon with us answering all of our questions, and spent another entire day with us during a thorough pre-buy inspection, providing assistance whenever required. Being from Canada, there were some extra hoops we had to jump through regarding exporting of the aircraft, and Matt was there every step of the way, doing whatever he could to make things go as smoothly as possible. It was a learning experience for both of us! After-sales support has been tremendous. As with any 30-yr old product that has undergone refurbishment, there were a few minor wrinkles that had to be worked out, and we found Matt to be very fair and accommodating in this regard. He stands by the products he sells. For anyone looking to purchase a high-quality refurbished aircraft at a reasonable price, I highly recommend ASI. No sales pressure, no hassles, just great aircraft and great people!
Peter and Judy Mucklow

Ottawa, Canada

August 25, 2009
Dear Matt,

It's been a pleasure to work with Matt for months to find the right aircraft for me and make a purchase. His attention to detail and honesty in the transition has been refreshing in a world where that is hard to find. His crew goes the extra mile to make things right and give you a great product at a fair price at the end of the deal. Service after the sale is there also and with there extensive experience & knowledge of the aircraft they refurbished it makes the service a timely experience. Dealing with Matt and Aircraft sales has been a positive experience as one would expect when making the major investment we all do in this great hobby of general aviation. I would highly recommend giving them an opportunity when looking for the right aircraft that suits your needs. It's worth the trip to PHD and the chili at the diner is awesome!

Gerry R. Wevodau
N106GW (717)514-9964

August 8, 2009

I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for making my purchase of N4384S an excellent experience. From the time that I first spoke to you it became apparent that you knew what you were doing. You were the only seller that provided me the information I requested timely and completely. Once I was satisfied that the plane would meet my needs I contacted you to make arrangements for a test flight and inspection. You accommodated my schedule and flew the plane to where I would be over the weekend. The test flight and inspection went well. You agreed to fix all "squawks" at your expense and did exactly as you said you would even identifying some “squawks” that were not readily apparent on my test flight relating to a problem with the auto pilot.

You fixed everything and were ready to deliver the airplane and had to call me the day before intended delivery to let me know that you could not deliver it since you were not satisfied with the performance of the autopilot and wanted to send it off to be repaired by an expert repair station. The repair station was running behind but you and your avionics person managed to push it through and the plane was delivered the following weekend.

I have since had the opportunity to fly the plane for approximately 8 hours including one 3 hour cross country and, I am happy to report, the airplane performed flawlessly. I must admit that I was surprised by the professional and courteous treatment I received from your company. It seems that you can't find anyone who will do business honestly and keep their word anymore. Thanks again. I will definitely be calling you when I purchase my next plane. However, since I expect the Saratoga to live a long life it may be awhile.

Thanks Again!
F. Gordon Spoor - N4384S

MAY 10, 2009

As the proud and very happy owner of a "NEW" Piper Cherokee 6-260 from Aircraft Sales Inc., I would like to inform anyone reading this that you will not find a more honestly run, integrity driven broker of amazingly reconditioned aircraft anywhere. Hank and Matt Kozub should be recognized and praised for their exceptional enterprise. Their conduct in all aspects of business is perfomed in a manner that is seldomly encountered; and I appreciated the "Whole Process" of purchasing my aircraft. From the first phone call, to me being handed the keys, Matt Kozub treated me like I was his first and last customer. Any question was answered, and any of my concerns were quickly addressed. I was promised that "any" squawks would be fixed prior to the closing. I decided to have an annual inspection performed as my pre-buy and the three or four minor issues were taken care of by A.S.I. as promised. A much more serious squawk was discovered almost a month after the closing. All it took to get it corrected was a phone call to Matt and a half day of my time. I flew back to Ohio, where Matt had his expert staff eliminate the issue in about 3 hours. Hank bought me lunch, and they even filled my fuel tanks as compensation for my trouble. Where else can you find such dedication to excellence? The only aspect of their business that may outshine their conduct is their product. My aircraft is a strong, sound, beautiful, safe machine. I am certain that I would not have found another airplane of equal or better value. Anywhere. I sincerely urge anyone seeking to purchase a refurbished single to just make the call to Aircraft Sales Inc. Your search will end when Matt or Hank answers the phone.

Francis Neville - N44130

May 8, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing one of ASI's refurbished aircraft and I have nothing but praise for Matt and his company. I am a FBO owner, and over the years I have purchased and sold airplanes for myself as well as for customers. I was impressed from the first conversation to the last one. He was refreshingly honest and wanted to tell me all he knew about the TR182 I was interested in. He knew I would be coming from over 1500 miles away and he did not want me to be disappointed, I was not.

When I arrived he had made arrangements for me to do the inspection in the FBO hanger and happily supplied me with any tool I needed. I found the workmanship well above what I was hoping for. I have not seen such a good VALUE in aircraft refurbishment before. I have helped many owners over the years with updating their aircraft and we have refurbished a few ourselves. I can say I found the quality and detail superb and I would recommend if you are looking for a true “turn-key” plane then contact Matt for one of his.

Clif Dyer
Sundance Aviation
Richland, WA N826CV

April 29, 2009
To Whom it May Concern:

In December 2008 I purchased a 1975 Piper Cherokee 6 300, N4384X from ASI. Since I live in Nevada and the plane was in Ohio it just wasn't in my schedule to go look at the 6 before I purchased it. I had my mechanic talk to Matt and get some detailed information about the plane and felt comfortable enough to buy it sight un-seen based on Matt Kozub and his companys word that the plane was what he said it was. When N4384X arrived in Nevada is was everything Matt said, BEAUTIFUL!! We are really enjoying flying the airplane. I would highly recommend ASI to anyone who is looking to purchase a top quality refurbished aircraft.

Thanks Again Matt!!
Paul Huet owner N4384X

January 19, 2009

In today's fast paced, get it done quick, hope its right, world, it is truly refreshing to meet people that are still committed to doing things right and treating people fairly. That is definitely the case with the Kozubs and Aircraft Sales and Plan a Plane.

I had the privilege of meeting Matt Kozub when he purchased my Cherokee 6 in August of 2008. From the first conversations and dealings that we had, I could tell that I was talking to someone of character and it was truly a refreshing experience from start to finish.

When Matt purchased my plane (N15578) my partner and I had just purchased an A36. The plane was in excellent condition other than needing new interior. As I learned about Matt's business, Aircraft Sales and Plan a Plane, I asked him about doing a new interior for us on the Bonanza. Matt quoted us a good fair price and based on the pictures of the planes they had refurbished, we scheduled a time to have him start on ours. When you are talking about a car or maybe even a boat, quality is important, but when you are talking about an airplane, it is vital. Matt's professionalism and assistance in helping us make this a "better than new" airplane went beyond picking out colors and material. Matt helped us find the best parts and services on replacing plastics, seals and trouble parts. Without their knowledge, expertise and reputation in this business, this project would have undoubtedly cost us THOUSANDS more.

My partner and I have already decided that the next place we purchase will be from Matt and Hank at Aircraft Sales. We would be more than happy to share our experience with anyone, anytime.

Thanks, Matt!
Wayne Bowling N66919

November 23, 2008

My airplane partner and I decided that, early in our search for a Cherokee 6, we wanted the safest used airplane that our money would buy. Our missions would be long cross county flights with family. Therefore, Garmin 430 was a must, but we also wanted a robust autopilot. However, mostly, we wanted the piece of mind that log books were accurate and that we could trust that engine and prop work could be trusted.

We started our search for an airplane in the usual places;, trade-a-plane, etc. Many planes seemed to be good prospects, based on equipment lists and price. We spent time and money traveling to see a few and were very close to buying one. Yet, we could not get satisfaction on several log book ommissions and walked away from the deal.

Ultimately, when we decided to sign a contract to "rebuild" a C6 with Hank and Matt, it was for piece of mind, not price. With their experience, we new that they could find the right used plane to refurbish at the right price. Because of their business model and volume, they get better pricing on engine work and painting, as well as interior and avionics than we could get on the open market. The end result is a terrific refurb, that flies great, has wonderful IFR and crosscountry capabilities, and is the envy of everyone on the flight line. Matt and Hank have stood by there product in the immediate post- buy period.

My greastest endorsement of ASI and Hank and Matt is that I would buy with them again, if I had to do it over (and plan to buy with them again when I upgrade to a Piper Meridian in a few years!)

Thanks Hank and Matt! You have a great company. You deserve your reputation as the premier restorers of piston singles

Pete Lafferty N42CX

October 30, 2008
The Cherokee 6 260 that I purchased from you last week is awesome. You guys did an amazing job, and I have been getting compliments on it all week. Thanks for flying the plane to me and spending the entire day on the prebuy. I look forward to sharing my flying experiences with you.

Richard Edelson N7621F

September 19, 2008

Well I'm finally getting around to telling you how well we like our airplane (Saratoga N8299V). After taking delivery on July 1st '08 I just put the 100th hour on it today with absolutly no troubles. It was everything you said it was and has been a pleasure to fly. We have had nothing but compliments on the sharp paint job, luxurious interior, and decked out panel. It was a pleasure dealing with you Matt and I don't hesitate to tell everyone who asks, where she came from and who. Keep up the Good Work.

Brad Berentson

June 23, 2008

Thank you for your assistance in the purchase of my Piper Cherokee Six. Your professional approach to both sales and service provides a unique glimpse into how this process should be handled. During our initial discussions about the aircraft purchase, you indicated that I was really buying something special and that you would stand behind the end product without hesitation. Many people say such things in an attempt to close a deal. You, on the other hand, are a rare exception to the rule as you followed through on your promise. During the "break in" phase following my aircraft purchase, I noted a handful of issues that I asked you to address. Not only did you address the issues raised but you flew me back from Ohio to Massachusetts in a Skymaster and delivered my aircraft to Massachusetts following the resolution of the issues. Now that's service taken to a higher level and you should be commended for it.

I have and will recommend you to anyone that is serious about making an investment in a aircraft they want to own for the long haul.

All my best,
Kristofor R. Behn


February 28, 2008
Dear Matt and Hank:

Just wanted to thank you both for all the help over the years with the selling of my aircrafts and in helping me finding the right plane to fit my ever-changing needs. The enormous details involved in the complete process would have been extremely overwhelming, to say the least. You made the complete process easy and exciting from start to finish!
If anyone is ever looking to buy or sell a plane, I will definitely tell them that Aircraft Sales is the Smart Choice! Thanks for getting me back into the pilot seat, without any of the hassle!

T.J. Poelking
Dayton, Ohio 937-371-4096

February 9, 2008
Dear Matt,

I am one happy camper! I wanted to let others, who are thinking about purchasing an airplane from you to know about my experience.

I just got my check ride about a month before contacting Pristine Air. I was lucky enough to see one of your restored airplanes come into my airport in Apple Valley, California. What I saw was a late model airplane that looked like it just came off the show room floor. Quality paint job, leather interior and updated avionics, GPS, auto pilot....and then I began calling around and found 2-3 other dealers in California who already knew of Pristine aircraft and had nothing but good things to say about Matt Kozub's business, excellent reputation, father/son company who really pleases his customers. When I flew back to Ohio- witnessed the annual inspection being done on the plane, I was truly put at ease in the process of buying a quality used airplane.If anyone wants to contact me regarding any questions please contact me at (706) 948-4661.

Very Sincerely,
Michael Hinton

January 21, 2008
Dear Matt,

So sorry this has taken so long to get back to you. You certainly deserve a great testimonial from me as you have earned it. When I first called and talked to you I was still a student pilot with very little knowledge of airplanes. You probably laughed at some of the questions I asked. Long story short I am very grateful for your honesty and good deal. I finally got my ticket and fly every chance I get. For our Utah mountains the 182 has is spectacular. I guess the best testimonial would be the plane just had its first annual by our mechanic and he could not find anything wrong. For meeting a guy on the internet clear across the country, I would say we were really lucky or just plane blessed.

Thank You,
Robin Henrie Richfield Utah

August 13, 2007

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts in support of the purchase of 'Toga 8427C. From the initial inquiry, to the first visit, and throughout the process, your professionalism, timeliness and customer service made a potentially challenging process of plane purchase, from a remote location, a fairly simple one. Clearly, you represent an impressive example of a representative of a company who puts the customer first, provides an excellent product, and is open to creative solutions to logistical issues. I would and have recommended you without hesitation to colleagues who are searching for their aircraft from a reputable dealer.

Kind regards,

June 19, 2007

In June of 2007 I purchased a PA32-300R from Matt and Hank at A.S.I. I spotted this particular airplane early in my search for my firstaircraft and loved everything about it! I was reluctant however, because like most I wasn't sure that this was the correct airplane for me. I spent another month or so looking for another airplane with my broker. The Lance we purchased from ASI was all but forgotten. My broker and I chased lead after lead, but ultimately the chase always ended in a dead end. Just about the time I was ready to give up, I received a telephone call from Matt. He told me that airplane that I liked was still available and that I should make the trip to see the airplane in person. Wow! Was I impressed. Not only was the airplane spectacular, but Matt and Hank were great to work with. I would like to say they have become my friends. Our pre-buy went smooth and everything was found to be exactly as advertised.

The two minor issues I found with the airplane were fixed before we took delivery! The best service I could expect...period. I am so pleased with my new aircraft; when the time comes when I just have to have a newer, faster model, Matt will be the first one I call. Our experience was as good as they get and my broker was impressed. My airplane turns heads and brings many compliments my way. I feel great about my purchase, and I am sure you will feel the same way.

Christopher Hutchinson
Florence, SC
PA32-300R N4323F

April 23, 2007
To Whom It May Concern:

In March of 2007 I purchased a Cherokee 6 from Matt Kozub and Aircraft Sales Inc. This was my 3rd aircraft purchase and I found it to be my best experience yet! Matt is very professional and carries through with his word.
My experience in dealing with Matt in both pre and post delivery was easy, he kept me well informed and everything was completed in the time-frame promised. Since this was my first Cherokee 6, I had questions regarding this type of aircraft and Matt was able to address all of my questions with a professional expertise.I will look to Matt for future purchases and I will be recommending Aircraft Sales Inc. to my pilot friends and family.

Todd Meyer
Omaha, NE

April 16, 2007
Dear Matt,

We are 3 partners in our 182Q that we picked up from Aircraft Sales on Octover 31, 2005. We had each owned a plane previously, so we had a specific list of the equipment and quality of the plane that we wanted to buy.
We looked for months and were amazed at the amount of work (time, money and probably aggravation) that would have been required to bring the planes we saw up to the standards that we wanted.

Then we met Matt and our search was over. He had a plane that was partially refurbished and not yet sold. We were able to pick our exterior and interior colors, the equipment list, and other extras that we wanted installed on our plane. It was an effortless process.We are based in Fort Myers, Fl and since the purchase have flown the plane about 350 hours including trips to the Bahamas, Georgia and New Jersey.

Since purchasing the plane we have only had to spend money on routine maintenance and adding additional equipment.
The plane flies great and performs flawlessly, If we decide to buy another plane in the future, all we will do is call Mattt - place our order- and wait for delivery.

Nancy Moore
Bill Traum
Charles Massie

March 28, 2007





March 22, 2007
To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I have owned several airplanes over the last 20 years, one of which I even built with my nephew who is an engineer at Cessna, so I am fairly knowledgeable about airplane parts, prices, values, etc. Having always been a “do-it-yourselfer”, and having bought a used car from a “dealer”, I was not too enthused to think about doing so with an airplane.

Realizing very quickly that a good used airplane will hold its value if it is restored to near-new condition, and that it can be done far less expensively by someone who “knows the ropes” as to companies that they use who are fast and experienced, I was pleased to find out about Matt and AirCraft Sales Inc. and the value that they bring to the plane acquisition picture.

They stood behind everything they said they would do, even when things were pointed out after the buyer inspection that needed attention. I would highly recommend their company to anyone in the market for a good used airplane.

Jeff Myers"ARI – Giving Outsourcing a Good
Name since 1993”403 S. Cheyenne St.,
Suite 800Tulsa, OK 74103-3842918/584-2111,
ext. 203Visit Us at
Our Website:

March 21, 2007
To Whom It May Concern:

I picked up my Cessna 182Q from Aircraft Sales Inc. in October 2005. I had been looking for a nice pre-owned 182 since April 2005 and was frustrated with the logistical issues, misrepresentations and lack of any assurance that whatever I bought would not require a lot of work. When I found ASI on the internet, I was immediately interested in learning more. Once I spoke with Matt and saw photos of the production process and finished airplanes, I was sold.Since then I have flown my 182 over 300 hours to many destinations and acquired my instrument rating. My engine is still under warranty and the paint and interior are still beautiful. The aircraft has consistently performed beyond my expectations. Everywhere I go, many other pilots think I have a new plane. When I tell them it’s a 1978, they are always impressed with the quality of the workmanship.

Hank and Matt run a first-class, up-front operation. They have stood behind their work and made the entire process simple and enjoyable. I have been extremely satisfied with the entire experience, and would recommend ASI to anyone who is looking for a high quality product at a fraction of the cost of a new aircraft.

Malcolm McKee
Mammoth Lakes, CA

March 8, 2007
Dear Matt & Hank:

We have had Cessna 182EA for two months now, and we wanted to let you know just how pleased we are with the entire transaction.

As first-time buyers, we were painfully aware of how little we knew about the details of selecting and purchasing a plane. Since we had also had some poor experiences renting older planes, we began our search looking at new (read: expensive) aircraft; it didn't take long to decide we would rather have someone else take the initial depreciation hit. We then moved on to five to seven year old aircraft, only to find avionics that were already a generation old and engines that often already had over 1200 hours. We were therefore immediately attracted to your concept of a completely refurbished plane with impeccable credentials at less than half the price of a new aircraft.

Margit and I have two things to say about Aircraft Sales Inc.: first, the product is exactly as advertised. Our 182 draws admiring glances and comments wherever we go with its impeccable paint job, new leather interior and first-class avionics. The overhauled engine starts and runs as new. We feel proud, and most importantly, safe in her. Second, dealing with the two of you was a pleasure from start to finish. You were patient with our never-ending questions, responsive to our concerns and completely straightforward with all information. The entire process was easy, quick and relaxed. I definitely would do business with you again without reservation.

Thanks for a job very well done, indeed.
Margit & Henry Donaldson

December 7. 2006

Dear Matt, I just wanted to drop you a quick note telling you how pleased I am with the Skylane, which was delivered to me last Sunday. Based on the great reference by my old friend Vicki Scoones, I purchased the plane sight unseen. I was not the lease disappointed. The aircraft is everything you represented and more. I would be happy to have you use me as a reference. Should any of your prospective customers wish, they may contact me at

Best wished for your continued success.

Very Truly Yours,
John H. Osgood, President
Castlerock Properties, Ltd
Waitsfield, VT

Date: 12-4-06

To whom it may concern; On October 20th 2006 I purchased a 1980 Piper turbo Saratoga N82654 from aircraft sales inc.I flew Down the week before to look at the plane and meet matt and his dad.I had been looking for a new plane for over a year and I can tell you that this was the first time that a plane looked as good as the pictures and was as nice as it was presented to be. both the paint and interior work on this plane are of very high quality. I have had two different pilots at my airport ask me if it was a new Saratoga.If I ever upgrade again I will simply call matt and have him find and refurbish what im looking for.Matt is honest and easy to deal with, call me and I will tell you so in person.

Steven Nelson Nelson Oil
Company 401-934-1117

Date: 9-8-06

Matt and Hank, I would like to thank you for making the purchases of my “NEW” aircraft trouble-free and enjoyable. N 5230N is a joy to fly and because of the refurbishment, it is the best looking 182 at Lakefront New Orleans. If I can be of any help to you please do not hesitate to Call.

Donald J. Short

Date: 03-28-2006
To whom it may concern:

My name is George Fishtorn and I purchased a beautiful 1985 C-182R Skylane on March 15th, 2006 from A.S.I.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my experience dealing with the Father and Son team of Mr. Hank Kozub and his son Matt. Most of all my dealings were done directly with Matt Kuzob. From day one Matt was very up front and professional but not so professional that you felt like you were dealing with a banker.

I must have called Matt 50 times in a two week time frame working on details and so on (mostly excitement) and Matt would do the same, even on week nights or week ends Matt was always available. When I finally got the opportunity to view the plane (after my mechanic did the pre-buy) we took her for a ride and I was sold. The condition of the plane and everything I knew about it was better than I expected.

I purchased the plane, had a nice lunch with Matt and his father and a few days later I flew the plane back to my home state of Florida . It was a great trip cruising at 9500' msl with a nice tail wind and we made it back in no time at all.

I'm still very excited and a very proud customer of A.S.I. and I wanted to share my experience with you in case your looking at one of their airplanes.

Feel free to call me with any concerns you may have and I would be glad to answer them to the best of my ability with the experience I have had.

George Fishtorn N9490X
941-809-0341 Cell
From Pat Van Varick, Purchased 1974 Cessna 182P, N52450

I just want to say the guys at aircraft sales delivered exactly what they promised they would. They answered any question's I had and after the purchase, they took care of any of the little problem's that came up. (there were very few) Anyone looking to buy an airplane from these guys should feel free to email me. I will tell you all about the good experience I had with my 1st. airplane purchase from Aircraft Sale Inc.