The Rocket II - The Ultimate in Luxurious Personal Transportation

   Specifications of The Rocket 2

Make: Cessna
Model: P337 Rocket II
Registration: Choose Your Own
Total Time: "0' Since Rocket II Conversion
Prop: The Rocket II features two freshly overhauled props and governors.
Annual: Fresh with Sale
IFR: Fresh with Sale

Engine: Each Rocket II houses freshly remanufactured Continental TSIO-360-CB engines that comes with a factory warranty. New engine mounts and engine hose kits go in, no matter how good the old ones looked. Turbochargers and waste-gates are overhauled as are the turbocharger controllers. Engine cooling is assured because each Rocket II gets intercoolers and new baffle seals on freshly painted engine baffles. Other miscellaneous parts go in each Rocket II we convert, to make each aircraft perform at their peak level. Mechanical enhancements standard on each Rocket II conversion includes an intercooler system on both engines. This increases performance, decreases operating temperatures and extends engine life. We also add pressurized magneto kits on both engines to improve the plane’s climb rate and performance at high altitudes.

Exterior: We are sure you will agree that the Rocket II’s customized paint and trim feature makes this aircraft stunningly beauty. First, we make every airframe repair necessary to bring the entire exterior to like-new condition. This can include any sheet metal defects, worn fasteners or fiberglass parts. Then we apply a custom four-color Rocket II paint scheme like no other and then we add Aviation Enterprises winglets, a subtle yet rich style detail that also improves the aircraft’s performance and handling. all windows are replaced or Micro-meshed as needed to assure like new condition . Stainless steel hardware replaces all external fasteners and we even install polished spinners for a final flair to catch the glint of the sun on the Rocket II.

Interior: There is not another aircraft in this league that can hold a candle to the Rocket II’s interior when it comes to luxury, comfort, style and beauty. We use state-of-the-art soundproofing cellular materials to wrap you and your passengers in quiet luxury, free from all the noise of the engines, props and even wind. Enjoy the custom comfort of the Rocket II as you sink into sculpted leather seats with integrated headrests – all seams are double French style for durability and added comfort. The all-leather headliner tops off the cabin’s interior where all plastic has been leather-wrapped to provide the ultimate in luxury. Custom Rocket II logos are proudly embroidered onto the seats. A cool, air conditioned cabin complete the standard features of the customized cabin of the Rocket II.

Avionics: Each of our Rocket II aircraft is a true pleasure to pilot with a standard avionics package that includes a Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel with a four-place stereo intercom with music input unit. For your flying pleasure and safety we have equipped the Rocket II with Garmin GTN-750 WASS Nav/Com/GPS - #1 and Garmin GTN 650 WASS Nav/Com/GPS #2, as well as a Garmin 345 Transponder. The S-TEC 55x autopilot with altitude pre-select, auto trim, GPSS, glideslope coupling, vertical speed and heading bug tracking is standard as well as a Custom Rocket II aluminum panel. The JPI EDM-760 Graphic Engine Monitor completes the Rocket II’s standard avionics package.

Autopilot: The S-TEC 55x autopilot with altitude pre-select, auto trim, GPSS, glideslope coupling, vertical speed and heading bug tracking is standard.

Features: The Ultimate in Luxurious Personal Transportation! The Rocket II has been 25 years in the making. It takes personal air transportation to a whole new level. Call today to discover how you can own your own Rocket II. This is the Rocket II...

Performance Specs for The Rocket 2
Maximun Speed
Normal Cruise Speed - 30 GPH
Maximum Cruise Range
Rate of Climb
Twin Engine max at Seal Level
Single Engine max at Sea Level

Certified Ceiling
Takeoff Distance (at gross weight)
Takeoff Distance over 50 ft. obstacle
Landing Distance (at gross weight)
Landing Distance over 50 ft. obstacle
Gross Weight
Useful Load
Fuel Capacity (usable)

Passenger Capacity
Stall Speed
Centerline Thrust

214 knots
204 knots
1155 miles

1,250 fpm
375 fpm

20,000 ft
945 ft
1,500 ft.
707 ft.
1,489 ft.
4,700 lbs/
1,305 lbs.
148 gals.

Teledyne Continental TSIO-360-CB
2-Bladed McCauley
38.2 ft
48 knots
No Critical Vmc

Rocket 2 Standard Package

Total Airframe Time Under 3500 Hours
Less Than 500 Hours on Engines and Props
New Custom Rocket II Paint in Your Colors
New Custom Rocket II Leather Interior in Your Colors
Super Soundproofing
Glass Replaced or Micro-Meshed
Custom Rocket II Metal Panel
Garmin 340 Audio Panel
Garmin GTN 750
KX-155 Nav/Com
Garmin 330ES with ADSB
S-TEC 50 or Better Autopilot
Fresh Annual Inspection
Fresh IFR Certification

Rocket 2 Deluxe Package

This will include the items above and:
Zero Time Factory Re-Man Engines
Zero Time Props and Govenors
S-TEC 55X Autopilot with Altitude Pre-Select and GPS-Steering
Air Conditioning
Garmin GTN650, Garmin 345 Transponder with ADSB
Pressurized Mags
Garmin G-500 Glass Panel with SVT
Electronics International MVP-50 Digital Engine Monitors

All specifications are subject to buyers verification