The Rocket II - The Ultimate in Luxurious Personal Transportation
The Rocket II

Imagine having the world to yourself at twenty thousand feet. Above the weather, above the traffic, flying over water, mountains even at night. Just cruising quietly in a pressurized cabin, the ultimate in luxury and comfort with air conditioning, plush leather interior and custom paint. You are not dreaming. The Rocket II offers all this and more.

The Exterior

The ExteriorThe four color, custom paint scheme compares to no other. The Aviation Enterprises winglets are a subtle, yet rich style detail that also improve performance and handling. Stainless steel hardware and polished spinners give it a final flair to catch the glint of the sun.

The Interior

The InteriorThere is not another aircraft in this league that can hold a candle to the Rocket II’s interior when it comes to luxury, comfort, style and beauty. Enjoy the custom comfort of the Rocket II as you sink into sculpted leather seats with integrated headrests. Virtually soundproofed!

The Panel

The PanelA true pleasure to pilot! Includes virtually everything you could ever need or want from a plane in this class. Everything from a music input unit to autopilot. All instruments are internally backlit for all your "night flights". It really is the "Ultimate in Luxurious Personal Transportation!"