The Rocket II - The Ultimate in Luxurious Personal Transportation


The first Skymaster flew into the picture in August of 1962 as an experimental aircraft made by Cessna. By 1965 the airplane had been modified and was being used by the military because of its range, load carrying capacity and multiengine reliability. In 1967 the Skymaster was turbocharged and by 1974 a turbo charged version was being produced with a pressurized cabin enabling it to fly at higher altitudes. The Skymaster had made its way into personal use.

By 1980 Cessna manufactured its last Skymaster, but that was not the end of the story. A modification to the pressurized 337 was undertaken by Riley. This modification consisted of pumping cooler air from the turbochargers into the aircraft's engines which greatly improved performance. Modifications to the wings, adding a comprehensive avionics package, new paint scheme and a custom interior were also part of the deal. This 'new' aircraft was dubbed the Riley Skyrocket.

The Rocket II is the next generation of Skymaster aircraft. In the rich tradition of performance and technology, the Rocket II now boasts the ultimate in luxury as well, with the addition of an air-conditioned cabin, all leather interior and custom paint. Experience the Skymaster Rocket II today. Fly above the crowd.



Hank and Matt Kozub and Bill Crews are a winning team of professionals who have joined forces to bring you the ultimate personal aircraft, the Rocket II. They have taken the best flying attributes of the 337 Skymaster and combined them with the ultimate in beauty and luxury to offer you the Rocket II.

Bill Crews has been selling Skymasters since 1980 and is an expert in the field. He comes from a Skymaster family. His dad flew them, and Bill will tell you that he grew up in the back seat of a Skymaster. Bill got his license right out of college and wouldn’t fly anything else.

Father and son team, Matt and Hank Kozub have been restoring and customizing top of the line personal aircraft for years with an incredible track record. Matt and Hank are well known in the industry for their professionalism, integrity and exceptional customer service. They take pride in making their customers’ experience comfortable, enjoyable and expedient.